Star Wars: Black Label Electronic Helmet: 332nd Ahsoka's Clone Trooper

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During the heated battles of the Clone Wars, the allegiance of the brave and courageous 501st clone trooper division had never wavered. In the wake of the impending destruction of Mandalore, Jedi General Ahsoka Tano made an urgent plea for assistance and the division rose to the occasion, honoring her plea with undying loyalty. To commemorate this pledge of faith and support, they altered their helmets, adding the iconography of their Mandalorian counterparts.

Now, relive the splendor of that period of Star Wars history with this full-size plastic replica helmet, fit for any display case. For an added bonus, this fantastic helmet comes equipped with an electronic voice modulator that allows you to emulate the distinct sound of a clone trooper with just the press of a button. Requiring three "AAA" batteries, this is sure to be an awesome addition to your Star Wars memorabilia collection (not included). Ages 14 and up.
Re-stock Coming in April 2024.
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