Welcome to World of Kidz, your go-to digital destination for the coolest toys and most epic collectibles! We're superpower-proud to be an independent and family-run retailer, offering unbeatable customer service, prices you'll love, and access to all the most exciting pre- orders around.

From childhood fan favourites to modern movie characters, we've curated a veritable treasure trove of toys for all our fellow collecting connoisseurs. With a stock of pulse-racing products from the likes of Funko, Mattel, Transformers, Marvel, Power Rangers, Barbie, Star Wars, DC Comics, Hasbro, and your Anime favourites, you can be sure we've got your wish list covered!

Our team of e-commerce adventurers and pop-up shop aficionados has been around the block a few times in the dynamic world of collectibles. However, back in 2021, we were inspired by the pandemic's wild ride to take things to the next level. With the launch of World of Kidz, we forged a united brand that could draw a big, friendly, and fun community together.

Since hitting the ground running, we've been helping collectors of all ages stay ahead of the latest drops, boldly questing after hard-to-find products so that our customers don't have to, and bringing families together with the universal awesomeness of pop culture.

At World of Kidz, our secret sauce recipe is a commitment to providing our collector community with mind-blowing value and a playful place to connect online. Simultaneously, we're passionate about building trust, transparency, and exceptional communication right into the DNA of our daily operation.

We're sure you'll agree, there's so much good stuff to enjoy when the universe brings like- minded people together. So, since the fates have converged and you've already found us, why not climb aboard for this remarkable adventure? Be sure to throw us a fist-bump on social media and sign up to our newsletter for special access to the latest info, sneak peaks, and releases. At World of Kidz, the fun has only just begun!


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