Ferrari SF71-H GP Canada 2018 S. Vettel Special Packaging with Display Case - BBR-MODELS 1/18 Scale

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Ferrari SF71-H GP Canada 2018 S. Vettel Special Packaging

A victory reminding of Gilles

A very important success, first of all because Ferrari has not won in Montréal since 2004. It has been a long time since Ferrari triumphed in Montréal.
Our thoughts are also with the pilot to whom the Montréal Circuit is dedicated, Gilles Villeneuve, who obtained his first Grand Prix victory on home ground in Montréal 40 years ago.

In the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix, the German pilot Sebastian Vettel won for the second time in Montréal, thereby gaining his fiftieth victory.

BBR cannot miss the replica of such an important car. The SFH-71 underwent several aerodynamic modifications, among which the most significant and visible are the new position of the rear-view mirrors on the HALO and the air vents on the car body behind the pilot.
From the picture, you can notice our highest commitment to creating the perfect hand-made replica of this car: rear mobile spoiler, perfect reproduction of the carbon fibre in each point of the car, detailed reproduction of the front and rear tyres, special technology to obtain the steel mould, excellent replica of the front brakes with the air conveyors reproduced through carbon fibre decals.
This SFH-71 model car in 1/18 scale is composed of more than 300 pieces.
Special packaging wich replicas the arrival of Vettel at the end of the race.
Limited and numbered series of only 250 pieces.
Possibility to order the display.

Production of cars in 1/18 scale, high-quality, die-cast models. They are faithfully reproduced in every detail.

The Chinese technology was combined with the experience of BBR's handmade products to ensure high quality.

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