Bruce Lee The Challenger Ultimates 7-Inch Action Figure

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Super7 Have announced a new license – Bruce Lee! No product was shown yet, but he’ll be getting Super7’s Ultimates and ReAction formats. Confirmed coming are Ultimates based on his two iconic looks – yellow jumpsuit and his kung fu black pants. Both will go up on Thursday for pre-order. Check back later this week for full pics and details!

Bruce Lee ULTIMATES! and ReAction Figures Coming From Super7 This Year

San Francisco, California – February 1, 2022 – Super7 is excited to partner with the Bruce Lee Family Company to bring the martial arts legend into its world of ULTIMATES! and ReAction figures.

The collaboration kicks off with Bruce Lee ULTIMATES! figures, honoring two of his most memorable looks. “The Challenger” showcases the iconic yellow jumpsuit, while “The Warrior” variant features Bruce in his kung fu outfit. These 7″ scale, highly-articulated, made-to-order figures come with interchangeable parts and additional iconic accessories, making them the ultimate collectible for any Bruce Lee fan.

Despite his tragically short time in the spotlight, Bruce Lee was able to cast a huge shadow that spanned the globe, encompassing not just martial arts, but Hollywood, pop culture, and the imagination of millions of fans!

This 7-inch scale, highly articulated ULTIMATES! figure of "The Challenger" features Bruce Lee in his iconic yellow tracksuit and comes with interchangeable alternate heads & hands and a variety of other accessories, including nunchucks and green bamboo whip. We're not playing games so you won't need to fight your way through multiple levels of martial arts experts, but if you miss out on the made-to-order Bruce Lee ULTIMATES! figures, the pain of regret may end up being just as bad! Accessories include:

    3x interchangeable heads
  • 14x interchangeable hands
  • 2x string nunchuks
  • 2x posed nunchuks
  • 1x nunchuks case
  • 1x green bamboo whip
  • 1x bracelet

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