Should I Pre-order? The Answer is Always Yes

The explosion of eCommerce in the past decade has provided direct access to globalised customers at the touch of your internet-connected device. It sounded like magic. We all talked about how there's access and interconnectivity, and no problems would arise. Well, while there's been an improvement in access, that doesn't necessarily mean an increase in supply which can lead some consumers to ask, should I pre-order?

Collectibles are only more in demand

In the past, getting a collectable was a joy for many. You would go to a convention or get something at an event and wrap it in cotton wool like it was your firstborn! It then evolved into a business model for some, who would start collecting rare items that, through time, became vintage and would go up in price. There would be items that wouldn't ever leave their original packaging and rating agencies that would give in-depth explanations as to the mint condition of collectable cards.

With so many outlets out there to sell your goods, it only helps to improve that access and thus continuously brings more and more value to hard-to-find collectables.

How a pre-order will stop you from missing out

Whether you're looking for the ultra-rare Star Wars Black Series, the next Funko Pop Figures, or the next mid-year Barbie Doll release, you're going to want to consider a pre-order.

What is a pre-order exactly, though? How does it work? It's a straightforward yet very powerful option. What you're doing is you're reserving your spot to receive an item. Either you put down a small deposit and pay the rest upon the item's availability, or you pay for the item upfront in full and wait for the item to become available and receive shipping.

Yet keep in mind while a pre-order works to be a good indicator that you will receive a product, it does not mean that it is always a guarantee. There are a few things that can see a pre-order go wrong.

First, you need to ensure that you're working with reputable businesses that will actually have the item when it comes out. Having a history of Pre-orders, such as ourselves, helps to prove that fact and make it a reality.

Second, there are times when there are simply too many pre-orders, and the actual supply that comes in isn't enough to support the demand. That means if you're set on getting an item, the sooner you pre-order, the better chance you have of getting that item. You're earlier in the queue if that decision needs to be made. Not to mention you're also showcasing the interest to the distributor early on, so they know how many they can offer to a particular store or online outlet.

In the end

Pre-orders are always going to be your best chance to get the rare premium collectable you're looking for. Since you're also working with reputable retailers, you won't have to go to third-party sites as often and haggle or be concerned about anyone pulling a fast one.

Whenever you’re ready – feel free to check out what we’ve got ready for pre-order and secure your action figure or collectable today.