Who Will Survive? Halloween Ends 2022… Michael Myers

The season of fright kicks off, with the new Halloween Ends movie now widely available in cinemas from 14th October 2022. 

So far the Halloween Ends review has come in at 46% Rotten Tomatoes 2/5 Empire | 45% Meta critic. 

There are some exciting new collectibles from some of the big brands like Funko, featuring the murderous Michael Myers from the Halloween film franchise. Check out some of the new collectible, now available at worldofkidz.co.uk.

The new NECA Michael Myers Halloween 2 ultimate figure with Dr. Loomis stands at 7 inches tall in his famous dark blue overalls.


In the original Halloween film, the home of the Myers family fell into disrepair over the years, following the young Michael’s murder of his sister. In the wake of the franchise, we have revisited the house from time to time, with 2002’s HalloweenResurrection taking place mostly inside his old home.

If you can’t get to the cinema, it’s already available to stream on Peacock.

"There is no separation. I wouldn't have anything in my life without Laurie Strode. Nothing," franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis recently said. "I wouldn't have a career. I would not have a family... Everything good in my life came from that s---ty little office on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, that was about the size of where these two chairs are, when John Carpenter and Debra Hill cast me in the part of Laurie Strode."

She continued, "I didn't know it then, I know it now. You know one of these days, hopefully not tomorrow, but you know, I'm 64, do the math, it's not in my favor, sooner than later, it's going to say three words: 'Halloween actress dies.' My point is, it is the permanent ink of my life."

 Quote from Comicbook.com.

How will you celebrate this slashing classics return to the big screen?

This year we’ve had some awesome products arrive in time for autumn like FunkoPop vinyl figure Hannibal Lecter and upcoming restocks of Michael Myers. Stay tuned for more  movie memorabilia with the upcoming Avatar and Wakanda Forver  films to drop, setting us up for a interesting Christmas period.