BEETLEJUICE 2 (2024) Takes Place on Halloween

The Long-Awaited Return

Beetlejuice 2 is set to make its debut in 2024, bringing back the iconic Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, alongside the talented Jenna Ortega. Decades have passed since the ghost with the most graced our screens in 1988, and now, after numerous delays, the much-anticipated sequel is finally in the works.

Subtitle: The Road to Beetlejuice 2

The journey to Beetlejuice 2 has been a rollercoaster. In 2011, Seth Grahame-Smith began writing a script, but the sequel faced continual setbacks. Tim Burton hinted at directing in 2016, and in 2017, Mike Vukadinovich was brought in to rewrite the script. Fast forward to March 2022, and Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment took the reins, signaling a revival for Beetlejuice 2.

Beetlejuice 2 - Over 30 years after the release

The Cast Unveiled

Warner Bros. officially greenlit Beetlejuice 2, with Michael Keaton confirmed to reprise his iconic role. Filming commenced in May 2023, led by the legendary Tim Burton and a writing team featuring Burton collaborators Seth Grahame-Smith and Michael McDowell, along with David Katzenberg. The cast includes familiar faces like Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, and introduces new talents like Willem Dafoe, Monica Bellucci, and Justin Theroux.

Subtitle: Marking the Calendar - Beetlejuice 2 Release Date

Circle September 6, 2024, on your calendar, as Beetlejuice 2 is slated for release. Despite a temporary delay due to the SAG/AFTRA strike, the film promises to deliver spine-tingling excitement. With the original release plan alongside the new Blade movie altered, Beetlejuice 2 remains highly anticipated, with a star-studded cast and an intriguing plot.

Subtitle: Bridging the Gap: What's Transpired Between Beetlejuice and Beetlejuice 2

Beetlejuice 2 explores the passage of time, with Lydia, once a teenager, now in her 50s and played by Jenna Ortega. Lydia's daughter, portrayed by Ortega, introduces a new dynamic, reminiscent of the original film. The sequel delves into Beetlejuice's personal life, introducing Monica Bellucci as his wife, shedding light on their mysterious connection.

Subtitle: Decades in the Making: The Journey of Beetlejuice 2

Why has Beetlejuice 2 taken so long? Despite nearly happening with "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian," Tim Burton and Michael Keaton found themselves occupied with other projects. The sequel lingered in various phases of production for over three decades. Now, in an era of heightened nostalgia, Warner Bros. has finally breathed life into Beetlejuice 2, making it a reality for fans eager to witness the ghostly return.