Back To Black Has Found Its Amy - Who Will Reprise the Role of Amy Winehouse?

Exciting developments in the world of cinema as 'Back to Black' has secured its Amy for the upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic. Marisa Abela, an emerging talent in the industry, has been chosen for the lead role, as reported by Deadline on January 12, 2023. In a collaboration between Focus Features, Monumental Pictures, and Studiocanal, filming is scheduled to kick off in London later this month.

Amy Winehouse's life has been a subject of interest for biopic projects, yet none have materialized until now. Monumental Pictures secured a deal with Winehouse's family in 2018, enlisting the talents of Geoff Deane, the writer of 'Kinky Boots,' to adapt her compelling life story. Previous attempts, such as the 2015 project featuring Noomi Rapace and directed by Kirsten Sheridan, faced challenges and were ultimately shelved.

Despite the obstacles, 'Back to Black' emerges as a promising project, shedding light on Winehouse's life and legacy. As the biopic takes center stage, explore all the essential details – from the cast and plot intricacies to the eagerly awaited release date. While other Winehouse biopics have faced hurdles, 'Back to Black' is poised to offer an authentic portrayal of the iconic artist's journey. Stay tuned for a cinematic experience that captures the essence of Amy Winehouse's extraordinary life.

First look at the trailer?

Is "Back to Black" poised to become the definitive portrayal of Amy Winehouse's extraordinary yet tragically brief career? Witness the emotional narrative by watching the trailer below and mark your calendars for the release on April 12th.

Get a taste for the 'Back to Black' trailer with an early teaser offering a glimpse of Marisa Abela's portrayal of Winehouse, complete with her iconic big hair. The clip follows the familiar beats of music biopics, tracing Winehouse's aspirations as an artist, her journey from intimate venues to frenzied audiences, and the challenges of fame, vividly depicted through encounters with persistent paparazzi. In her best London accent, Abela asserts, 'You gotta remember, I ain't no Spice Girl.'

The teaser also introduces Jack O’Connell in the role of Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse's former husband. Set against the haunting melody of 'Back to Black,' sung in a new rendition by Abela herself, the teaser provides a tantalizing preview of the drama, passion, and music that await in this much-anticipated biopic."

Who’s in the Cast?

Amy Winehouse Movie Heats Up as ‘Industry’ Star Marisa Abela Emerges as Frontrunner to Play Singer

In July 2022, Variety reported discussions with Marisa Abela, known for her role as Yasmin in "Industry," to play Amy Winehouse in the upcoming biopic. Abela, considered a frontrunner, was chosen by director Sam Taylor-Johnson and Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father, for her fitting Jewish background and just-burgeoning fame. The desire for an unknown, young, Cockney actress resembling Amy aligned with Abela’s profile, emphasising her singing skill listed on the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Despite no onscreen singing experience, Abela's potential vocal prowess convinced the team that said yes to her casting.

What’s the Plot?

Amid numerous attempts at an Amy Winehouse biopic post-Oscar-winning "Amy" documentary in 2015, "Back to Black" emerges as a promising project. Helmed by director Sam Taylor-Johnson and scripted by Matt Greenhalgh, the film delves into Winehouse's life until her 2011 demise. Described as a journey from the vibrant chaos of 90’s Camden High Street to global adoration and back, the film gains support from the Amy Winehouse estate, despite prior objections to other adaptations of her life.

When will Back to Black be Released?

Mark your calendars! "Back to Black" is set to hit theaters in the United States on May 10, 2024.