The Walking Dead Exquisite Mini Action Figure 1/18 Dead City Negan 11 cm

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New IP! EXQUISITE MINI Series Negan 1/18 scale action figure from ?The Walking Dead: Dead City?now joins Hiya Toys.

In June 2023, the sequel series?The Walking Dead: Dead City? premiered, revealing Negan as a wanted man for killing law enforcement officers and four others. Meanwhile, Maggie's base is ravaged by the Croat, and her son Hershel is kidnapped.

Despite Negan's reluctance to get involved in more trouble, especially considering the memories it would stir up, reality forces him to reveal his radical side. At times, he attempts to seek redemption through righteous actions but often succumbs to uncontrollable extreme violence when faced with perceived threats.

The EXQUISITE MINI series Negan action figure stands 104mm tall, clad in a leather jacket, faithfully replicating the facial details. In terms of weapons, Negan comes with an iron pipe and his iconic baseball bat-Lucille, with a wooden bat entwined in a barbed wire net at the top. It serves not only as a terrifying deterrent but also as the optimal choice for eliminating enemies. 2x interchangeable hands are included to showcase various poses.

Featuring 15 joints, utilizes a design supporting extensive articulation, allowing enthusiasts to recreate a variety of action poses from the series. Additionally includes a randomly selected exclusive stand from four different appearances, replicating scenes of scattered bodies remains and muddy grounds, providing an immersive experience of the most thrilling bloodbath!

Coming in November 2024
Pre-Order now and we'll deliver in November 2024 (estimated date / subject to change).

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