Big-Boy-Wacky-Wobblers-bobblehead-is the-oldest-Funko-Pop-product-Mike-Becker

In the vast world of collectibles, Funko Pops! stand out as beloved icons, gracing shelves both physical and digital with their unmistakable charm. As enthusiasts scramble to amass these big-headed figures, it's a journey that leads back to a singular question: What sparked the phenomenon of Funko Pops?

For collectors navigating the expansive realm of pop culture franchises, the ubiquity of Funko Pops! may feel overwhelming. However, delving into the roots of the Funko Pop brand unveils a fascinating origin story, where simplicity met innovation.

Big-Boy-Wacky-Wobblers-bobblehead-is the-oldest-Funko-Pop-product-Mike-Becker

The Genesis: What Was The First Funko Pop?

While pinpointing the absolute first Funko Pop proves a nuanced task, the spotlight falls on the collective revelation at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010. A nascent lineup emerged, inspired by the DC Comics Universe, featuring Green Lantern, Batgirl, and two iterations of Batman. These initial figures, distinct from their contemporary counterparts, boasted a basic stance, with arms by their sides and legs spread apart—a far cry from the intricate details characterizing modern Pops.


It's intriguing to note that the nomenclature wasn't always "Funko Pops!" during this inaugural phase. The brand went by the moniker "Funko Force 2.0," a title lacking the whimsical flair associated with today's lighthearted Pop culture collectibles. Packaging, too, deviated from the norm, with some encased in plastic dome-style packages instead of traditional boxes.

What was Funko's First Collectible Venture

To understand how Funko seamlessly integrated with DC Comics, it's imperative to rewind to a time before Funko Pops! dominated the scene. Although these figures burst onto the scene in 2010, Funko, the company, had long been a player in the collectibles arena since the '90s.


Funko's inaugural foray into collectibles featured "Wacky Wobblers," figures akin to Pops but leaner, equipped with bobbleheads for added whimsy. The pioneer of this line was none other than the Big Boy Bobblehead, marking Funko's initial steps toward shaping the collectibles landscape.

The journey from these early collectibles to the cultural phenomenon of Funko Pops! highlights the brand's evolution, resilience, and enduring appeal. As Funko continues to captivate collectors worldwide, it's evident that their legacy extends far beyond their initial bobblehead creation.

In tracing the trajectory from humble beginnings to global recognition, Funko Pops! emerge not merely as figures but as cultural touchstones, representing an indelible fusion of nostalgia, innovation, and a profound connection with enthusiasts worldwide.


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