The King of Pop Returns: Michael Jackson Funko Pop! Collection at World Of Kidz

amCalling all fans of the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson!* Your favourite icon is making a comeback in a brand new form – through an exclusive Funko Pop! series that will be available soon on World Of Kidz. From his most celebrated music videos to unforgettable stage performances, this collection is the perfect embodiment of the superstar's unique style and unforgettable persona. Here's a sneak peek into what's in store.

Let’s take “A Glimpse of the Collection”.

Michael Jackson Thriller Funko Pop! Album Figure #33 with Case

Remember the iconic red jacket, the infectious dance, and the thrilling music? This Funko Pop! brings back the memories of the record-breaking album "Thriller". This Pop! is a striking reminder of how Jackson redefined the music industry with his revolutionary album.

Michael Jackson Thriller Pop! Album Figure with Case

Michael Jackson Toe Stand Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #345

For fans of MJ's iconic dance moves, this Funko Pop! vinyl figure of the King of Pop doing his famous toe stand will surely take a special place in your heart and your collection.

Michael Jackson Bad Pop! Album Figure #56 with Case

Michael Jackson: Pop! Album Vinyl Figure: Bad

With its black outfit and aggressive stance, this Funko Pop! pays homage to the daring and rebellious "Bad" era of Michael Jackson. A must-have for every MJ fan!

Michael Jackson (Superbowl) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure 2024

Relive the most-watched event in television history with this Funko Pop! figure that commemorates Jackson's legendary Super Bowl halftime show. Remember the electrifying performance? It's time to own a piece of it.

Michael Jackson (Superbowl) Pop! Vinyl Figure

Michael Jackson Thriller Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

This figure brings back to life the unforgettable "Thriller" music video that left the entire world spellbound. With the iconic red jacket and the thrilling dance moves, this Pop! figure is a reminder of the most successful music video of all time.

Michael Jackson Thriller Pop! Vinyl Figure

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Step back into the 80s with this Billie Jean themed Pop! figure. This figure features Jackson in his shiny suit and glittering socks, reminding us of the time when he moonwalked his way into our hearts.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Pop! Vinyl Figure

Michael Jackson Off the Wall Pop! Album Figure with Case

Take a trip down memory lane with this "Off the Wall" themed Pop! figure. It encapsulates the era when Jackson transcended from the teen idol phase to become the superstar he was.

Michael Jackson Off the Wall Pop! Album Figure with Case

2023 NEW Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal) Funko Pop!

A Smooth Criminal  Michael Jackson Toe Stand POP! Vinyl Figure

The stylish fedora, the slick white suit, and the unforgettable dance moves, this "Smooth Criminal" Pop! figure is a representation of one of MJ's most enigmatic performances. Although it is rumoured that this Pop! still has on going licensing issues or simply has been repurposed to be the “Toe Stand” 345 POP!, lets watch this space as we will be sure to keep you up to date as things unravel.

Pre-order links for the new Pop! figures are available at the end of this blog. So keep reading!

Nostalgia Through Pop! Figures

These vinyl figures serve as a beautiful testament to Michael Jackson's unparalleled impact on the world of music, style, and pop culture. By owning these figures, fans get to relive the thrilling and enchanting moments of Jackson's illustrious career.

Each figure is expertly crafted, paying meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a faithful recreation of the superstar's iconic looks from his unforgettable moments in music history. But they are more than just toys; they are a tribute, a token of remembrance, celebrating the King of Pop's legacy.

Licensing Issues

As Funko Pops are officially licensed products, they are subject to licensing agreements between the companies involved. The production of these Michael Jackson figures involves negotiations and agreements between Funko, the Jackson estate, and possibly other entities such as the music labels associated with his music. However, rest assured, these figures are genuine, licensed products, made in accordance with all relevant regulations.

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