What If...?" Season 2: Revealing Anticipated Returns and Exciting Surprises and Everything Else Fans Should Know

What If...? Season 2: Confirm Rumored Returns & Surprising Scenarios - Possible SPOILERS

The Second Season of What If...? was announced in December 2019. It will consist of nine episodes and is set to release around December 25th, 2023.

The anticipation for "What If...?" Season 2 has been palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting its release. While the excitement continues to build, there has been some speculation regarding potential delays.

What We Know About Season 2

Marvel Studios shared the first details about "What If...?" Season 2 during last year's San Diego Comic-Con, though we've yet to get an official first look at the animated MCU series.

At the time, it was confirmed season 3 is already in development, and we now know that the next batch of episodes will include Captain Carter battling the HYDRA Stomper (The Winter Soldier in her reality), Odin squaring off with The Mandarin, and a story revolving around Thor: Ragnarok villain Hela. With Marvel Studios exploring the Multiverse in this current Saga of storytelling, you'd think as much "What If...?" as possible would be a priority for Kevin Feige and company.

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The reason behind this delay remains uncertain, but one possible explanation is Marvel Studios' relative newcomer status in the animation realm. It's plausible that they might be facing challenges in ensuring the show is completed on schedule. Animation can be a complex and time-consuming process, and even seasoned studios encounter occasional hiccups.

However, it's essential to consider another potential factor contributing to the delay – creative intricacies. While the first season of "What If...?" garnered positive reviews, the subsequent episodes faced the challenging task of living up to the early successes, especially those centered around Captain Carter and T'Challa Star-Lord. Maintaining the creative momentum and delivering engaging narratives can be demanding in any series.

Despite these challenges, Season 2 holds much promise. It's expected to bring back fan-favorite character Captain Carter, offering a fresh take on the events of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." In addition to her return, viewers can look forward to appearances by characters like Red Guardian and Hela. Notably, one episode is poised to draw inspiration from the comic book "1602."

Given Marvel Studios' ambitious journey into the multiverse in the current Saga, one might assume that expanding the "What If...?" universe would be a top priority. However, insider Daniel Richtman recently claimed that the current plan is for the series to conclude after Season 3.

The Future of Animated MCU

Despite this potential ending, Marvel enthusiasts can rest assured that there's a wealth of animated content on the horizon. The "Marvel Zombies" animated TV series is in development, offering an exciting extension of the memorable Season 1 episode. This ensures there's no shortage of animated Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) offerings to keep fans engaged.

Moreover, "X-Men '97" and "Spider-Man: Freshman Year" are also in the pipeline, although there have been murmurs about behind-the-scenes challenges. The MCU continues to expand, offering fans a treasure trove of content and experiences.


As we await further updates, it's clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe's venture into animation has been a journey filled with surprises and delights. The multiverse remains a realm ripe for exploration, and fans can anticipate a wide array of animated marvels to come. Stay tuned for updates.